Thursday, 16 April 2015

Walking Therapy

Sonja: As per doctor's orders I went on a walk (or two) every day after surgery. The first outings were terrible. All previous fitness had been killed off by the anaesthetics. After twenty minutes I was done and ready for a nap. Today, one week after surgery, it was the first walk involving a mild hill climb. I had to watch out for uneven grounds, and make sure to make proper use of both of my legs: No limping! It went well today, more than one hour walking without any issues. I'll be baack!

Moderate climb
A humble WWII memorial 
Selfie of exhausted me
I came all the way up from the village.

Sunday, 12 April 2015


After what felt like an Alberta winter, Spring has made its long awaited appearance in the Black Forest. From one day to the next the trees were 'exploding' with colour. With Sonja currently incapacitated Roland took it upon himself to explore the valley on his Diamant bicycle.

The Diamant is not really a mountain bike, and not made for hill climbing anyway, however it was the weapon of choice. The route certainly wasn't an easy one, and was felt in every muscle after this long and (all too) lazy winter break.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Not sex sells, but Vespas do?

Another example of cultures clashing in a good way: This time, the Black Forest meets Italy. Found the ad in a window of a local garb shop, exclusively selling nothing but dirndl and lederhosen.

Did you know that there are lederhosen for girls but no dirndl for men? It's so confusing...