Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The last Rays of the Day

We dropped off Bella and Alonzo for the annual checkup today, so we are Scooter-less right now; therefore this evening we had to go with our second choice, our still new and exciting bicycles! The evening light was just amazing, and we enjoyed the fantastic fresh and clean air we had today. Of course, Sonja's beautiful bike asked for a few model shots, so I happily obliged!

It is quite impressive how relatively easy it is to ride on today's bicycles. We are never going to like long upward slopes, but the small hills we have in our valley we hardly even notice! These are great vehicles!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Life's too short for bad Coffee.

Germany has a very rich coffee culture, and a long history of coffee drinking. So it's no surprise that Roland is a coffee aficionado, and always on the quest for the ultimate taste.

Yesterday we went equipment shopping in a cycle shop, when Sonja discovered a flyer pointing to a local coffee roaster. Since we make it a point of buying local whenever possible, we headed to the store & cafe located in a tiny side road in downtown Offenburg. 
Arnold's Kaffee Manufaktur
When we entered the building we were welcomed by the overwhelming good smell of fresh roasted coffee. The antique furniture and the grandma style decoration perfectly fits the architecture and the atmosphere. In the inner sanctum we find green beans from all over the world stacked along the wall, waiting to be processed.
Mr Arnold is a coffee lover himself, and two years before, when he found the shop closed due to the passing of its previous owner, he didn't hesitate, put an offer down for a lease, and continued the traditional business.
Mr Arnold and his coffee roaster
Photo source: here
Roland went with the owner's recommendation for a Costa Rica and a Rwanda roast. Of course, excellent coffee comes with a certain price, but it also comes with an extraordinary taste, plus from a local shop.

And, isn't life too short for bad coffee anyway?

Monday, 31 March 2014

The Berlin Wall in Zell

I think we mentioned it before: the little town of Zell is proud 'owner' of five coherent blocks of the Berlin wall, according to wikipedia the largest existing cohesive group of blocks outside of Berlin (although we tend to not fully trust that information).

We do not know exactly how the five blocks ended up here, but it must have to do with the adjacent art museum that apparently hosts various sculptures from artists from the former GDR; we did not visit the museum yet, but it is on our bucket list. As part of a group of installations on a meadow the previously deadly wall turns into a piece of art, as a reminder that the will of the people cannot be suppressed forever: at one point the pressure will be released. Germany is so, so lucky that this was the most peaceful revolution in the history of man!